New Kettle Build advice please.

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New Kettle Build advice please.

Post by JimmehBrew »

Ok about to do a new electric kettle build and need some advice .

It will be 50Gal big !

It will have tri clovers and this is where I was wondering . I can install as I want , but I was figuring 5 and most near the bottom. 1 for valve , 1 for the thermawell ( needs to be low also for a brew in a basket ) and 2 for electric heating elements. Now with 50 gals would 1 5000w to 6000w element boil this amount of wort ?

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Re: New Kettle Build advice please.

Post by ruf1 »

After building my own 50 amp electric control panel and reading up on things @ theelectricbrewery- Kal Walners site, you could take a look at Kals build for 50+ gallons.

One 5500 w element probably would boil the wort but it would take a long time, 2- 5500 w elements would be required to boil in a time acceptable to you then 1 element may maintain the boil.

You may have browsed theelectricbrewery before, check it out, you dont have to build the whole control panel either, a smaller panel would work too.


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Re: New Kettle Build advice please.

Post by Bodhi »

Here is a good calculator to figure out how much power you will really need to heat your volume of water in the time you want.

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