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kegerator didn't Start Well

Posted: |12 Apr 2020|, 18:26
by HairBall
I'm in the process of getting back into home brewing my first go was when I was in college and was looking to make cheap beer, with the staying home thing I thought I'd try it again.
I already had a mini fridge and keg I bought at a yard sale years ago. I ordered a beer kit online and a cheap C02 equipment kit to get me started.
I decided yesterday was a good day to take the plastic door liner out and I had to bend the freezer rake down to give me room for my keg. This is were I messed up bent in the wrong spot and broke the line. Feeling bummed and tried to convince my girlfriend to turn one of our freezers in a keezer which didn't work.
Anyway I went to work today checking kijiji periodically for a new fridge or freeze. As I drove past the scape metal bin I noticed someone dropped off the exact mini fridge I had broken so I plugged it in, no luck. I got reading about mini fridges the first thing to check was the starter solenoid to see if it had a rattle. So on my break I took it apart and I checked sure enough it had a rattle so I brought the junked fridge home swapped the bad solenoid for the good in my fridge sure enough it fired back up and working again. Now I had round two to bend the freezer back down, this time I took my time a d got it bend with out breaking the line. I'm back in business.

Re: kegerator didn't Start Well

Posted: |13 Apr 2020|, 17:53
Hey that's super lucky. Glad it all worked out. What's the first beer you're gonna put in it?

Re: kegerator didn't Start Well

Posted: |22 Apr 2020|, 16:34
by HairBall
Have everything ready to go, hopefully put beer in the keg tomorrow.