Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by Administrator »

Welcome everyone!

So, why a Canadian Homebrewing website? Surely, there are already ample American websites that accomplish much of the same goal as I am trying to do here at CanadianHomebrewers.com. The difference is the Canadian twist.

Often, we as Canadian Homebrewers are presented with specific challenges: shipping, duty taxes. It's not that we cannot get products across the border, it's just that it costs us an arm and a leg to do so, and we're not supporting our Canadian Homebrew Dealers! By creating this Canadian Beermaking forum I hope to accomplish several goals:
  • To bring more exposure and public visibility to the homebrewing hobby in Canada
  • To unite Canadian Homebrewers and close the gaps between us
  • To increase awareness of Canadian Homebrew Vendors, Dealers, and suppliers.
  • To maintain our strong Canadian identity!
With so many other well-established websites competing against us, I am asking for your help. It's easy, all I'm asking is that you buy Canadian, and use a Canadian Forum.

So please join me in supporting the true North--strong and free!

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by ontario23 »

from Bear Lake.
Retiring and need a hobby and have made my first malt batch. Looking forward to chat with other brewers. Interested in making cask ale and kegging. :stirpot:

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by ruf1 »

welcome ontario23, great forum here.

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by beyondthegrape »

From Port Moody, BC

We are a long time on-premise wine making store that has gotten into supplying craft beer kits and equipment for the Home brewer. We are now carrying Brewer's Best kits, equipment & special ingredients. http://www.beyondthegrape.com/brewers-best We know there is very little choice for good beer kits in the area and happy to now helping to fill this void. We also offer classes twice a month for beginners to learn the craft at.
Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd.

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by BrewMitz »

:cheers: Greetings from a Bluenoser! I chose to join this place because of the lack of ads, the Canadian twist and the familiar forum interface. Seems like a great place already. Thank you to the dev/s//admin/s. ;-)
I started brewing at 18 so I could have booze before 19... lol. I then, was quite sporatic between brews. I later went through another phase in my 20's and another in my 30's, but this time, it feels permanent. I've made a lot of changes in the process to suit me and made even more mistakes. Still learning and hoping to impove. I feel an all grain brew coming on and I might even setup a barley patch next year. Wild hops already grow in the yard, but I'm thinking now of growing the strains I like best. I've found a new thing to obsess about now.. haha!


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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by Barking Kettle »

I am a avid home brewer from St. John's Newfoundland. I am part of a brewing club called East Wind Brewers. I am also a Manager at a home brew shop! All grain is my favorite type of brewing and I try to brew off the wall beer. I am currently waiting to sample my latest masterpiece a Vanilla Bourbon Porter.

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by bigjohn1 »

Hi all John here from mississauga ontario
Its all new to me I remember my dad many years back
playing with wine making so I thought I would look into it.
I have a cooper boil,brew,wort,batch going right now on its third
day looking good so far.

Will check out a wine brew store by me and go that way maybe for the first time
Then will go on our own maybe from home not sure some of the places look great
and gets me out of the house. Not sure how much I would save in the brew store or from home.

Tell me I'm not a big drinker but love the idea what am I going to do with 30 bottles of wine wow.

Any way buy for now great info forum here thatnks for being here also.

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by Canuck »

^ Welcome to the forum! :cheers:

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by ZenNinja »

Hello All,

Been brewing since October 2013. 10 brews complete, 3 in primary, 1 in secondary and 7 more already planned. Brewing setup is a All Grain, 10Gal cylindrical cooler mash/lauter tun, 10Gal Polar SS pot (poor mans brew kettle) on a Bayou Classic KAB6. I enjoy the science of the hobby and drinking well crafted beer. Currently located in Brampton Ontario. I'm not exclusive to beer. Enjoy making wine, & cider... I've even made a mead. Looking for a local club to learn new approaches and ways to improve.

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Re: Welcome Canada's Homebrewing community!

Post by OntarioHopYards »

Hello Everyone, we enjoy brewing our own beer and have expanded into growing Hops on our farm. We finally have enough to offer to sell to people and would like to meet home brewers interested in trying our organic Nugget or Mt Hood hops. We have made the investment in a small pelletizer and vacuum sealing system.
If anyone is interested please contact us.


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