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“Real Lagerin’”?

Posted: |20 Dec 2020|, 16:22
by Frankenfinger
I’ve been home brewin’ ales on and off for 3 1/2 decades. Returned to it ~ 4 years ago using my “ole’ stone jars” and glass carboys.

Re: “Real Lagerin’”?

Posted: |20 Dec 2020|, 21:27
by Frankenfinger
Taken to ‘air temperin’*using conical fermenters (Polyolefin “Fastbrew”) @ ~ 18C embellishing dry hopping in mash bag for steeping throughout fermentation until bottling.
* bucking ambient temp of 8 - 14C with simple ‘on/off’ controller for 100W heater in ~ 1/2 m3 box containing fermenter and circulating axial electronic fan.
Want to try ‘actual’ lagering with lager yeast starter, profiling air temp to deal with lager’s diacetly break and continuing onto lagering @ 1.0 - 0.5C w/o racking using conical fermenter. Hope to chill tempering box with Peltier effect thermo electric cooler. Anyone with experience / methodology to follow and deal with diacetyl break? I’m not keen on continuing to measure the s.g. of the wort and continuing to open expose the wort to the atmosphere.....