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Newbie FAQ/Section "Committee" Sign-up

Posted: |07 Dec 2012|, 14:04
Mr Frugal had a great idea.
Mr Frugal wrote: ...would be great is asking members to pull together a "beginners guide" so to speak. I know that there is a Noobie FAQ, and there may be such guides on similar homebrew forums, but redundancy is good, and perhaps a Canadian flavour and perspective could be employed. If it could be "locked" it would prevent extremely long threads that go off topic...
If there are members interested in being part of this "newbie committee", post your name here, and we can get this thing started.

Re: Newbie FAQ/Section "Committee" Sign-up

Posted: |06 Jan 2013|, 21:24
by bently
I am a newbie brewer (about a year) and am willing to help, some of my mistakes may be useful to others. So if there is something I can help with count me in


Re: Newbie FAQ/Section "Committee" Sign-up

Posted: |07 Jan 2013|, 12:47
by P-A
I'd be happy to help as well. I've only been brewing for 2 years but I read a lot and my chemistry background helps me to understand the "scientific aspects" involved in homebrewing.

I'd need a proofreader though... I'm not a native English speaker.

Re: Newbie FAQ/Section "Committee" Sign-up

Posted: |07 Jan 2013|, 14:09
by ShiftlessBum
I manage an Editorial Department for a newswire, I'm up for any editing if it's required.