One year older: CHB is Three!

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One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by XXXXX »

Happy birthday, CHB! :cheers:

Three years later, CHB is still growing strong!

New members continue to join at the same rate as last year. Creation of threads is down about 15%, and posts are down about 25%. I think this is largely due to the growing knowledge base that exists on the forums, and members being able to locate an answer without having to create a new thread. As always, continue to encourage other brewers to join the community!

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Some current statistics (Feb 12, 2014) (CHB turns 3 years old):
- Registered Users: 1,374 (497 new users) (1.4 new users each day) 
- Total Topics: 2,358 (809 new threads) (2.2 new threads each day)
- Total Posts: 24,220 (8011 new posts) (22 new posts each day)

Some statistics from this time last year (Feb 11, 2013) (CHB turns 2 years old):
- Registered Users: 877 (527 new users) (1.45 new users per day)
- Total Topics: 1,549 (951 new threads) (2.6 new threads per day)
- Total Posts: 16,209 (11,047 new posts) (30.3 new posts per day)

Some statistics from two years ago (CHB turns 1 year old) (c. Feb, 2012):
- Registered Users: 350 (0.95 new users per day)
- Total Topics: 598 (1.6 new threads per day)
- Total Posts: 5162 (14.1 new posts per day)
In the last year, the server was upgraded again. The website has also taken on a new appearance which is cleaner and more modern.

Interesting thread to follow (and contribute to) in 2014:
Running Count of Beer Made by CHB Members in 2014

Thread of the year for 2013 (personal preference)
Canuck Launches his Licensed Production Nanobrewery - Hammond River Brewing Co.

Plans for 2014:
  • Continue operating the community without advertisements or fees for features.
  • Identify a third Moderator, and possibly more.
  • Identify a long-term plan for dealing with increased server demands
  • Explore Incorporating CHB as a non-profit organization (Subsequently identify directors/executive officers)
  • A mobile-friendly theme for mobile/tablet devices.
Anyone who is interested in helping with these items (or in any other way), please don't hesitate to step forward and approach myself or a moderator.

Again, happy birthday, CHB! Here is to continuing to be a forum "by us, for us."



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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by SeanGodd »

Happy BDay CHB!! I'm a new member but this forum is already been an outstanding help in my home brewing. I plan to make my first 5Gal batch this weekend and all my worries are gone now because of the friendly support of this community :)

Sean Goddard
Head Brewer
Whitewater Brewing Co.

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by Reignman »

Happy 3rd CHB!!!!! I check in every day. It's great to see new brewers joining this great HB forum.

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by oro »

Happy Bday and more years to come
Beer has food value, food has no beer value...

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by ruf1 »

happy birthday Chb, keep up the good work on the site, thumbs up to all who make this site possible for all of us to better learn beer brewing. :bow: :cheers:

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by Doc_Drive »

Happy Birthday CHB!

Great work, Adam!!

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by JackRussel »

Happy Birthday CHB (in my best Marilyn Monroe voice). Here's to many more :cheers:
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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by jamatron »

HAPPY B-DAY CHB!! You've cost me alot of money and i've enjoyed spending it all.
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-Flying Monkeys

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by bigox420 »

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :cheers: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Re: One year older: CHB is Three!

Post by SmokeyMcB »

happy b-day to this fresh community!
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