UPDATE: Critical Message -- Domain Name Change

Official communications to and from the Canadian Homebrewers Forum management.
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UPDATE: Critical Message -- Domain Name Change

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Everything is back to normal.

Check your spam/junkmail folder if you missed the emails. This forum has over 2000 users, and for the last 8 years we have never sent a bulk e-mail to every user. So, when we do, free webmail providers see that as unusual activity and it gets flagged as junk.

Please consider marking the emails "not junk" if you'd like to help out the cause in the future.

Want to know more about the issue? Consider reading: What's the big deal with the domain name?

UPDATE (2018-03-14 ~1350hrs):
The domain dispute has been resolved and all things have returned to normal.

You can now access the website as you did previously at CanadianHomeBrewers.COM

You can also continue to use the .CA if you'd like, and it will automatically forward you to the original .com address.

Thank you for your patience everyone... :facepalm:


- Adam



The following is a mass email that was sent out this evening to all registered CHB members.

For 8 years you have been accessing this community at canadianhomebrewers.com. Until further notice, the community will be located at CanadianHomeBrewers.CA (note the .CA suffix).

This is because the .com version is currently involved in a renewal dispute (basically, it's being held for a cash ransom). This is due to a clerical error between myself and the registrar of the domain.

Depending on the results of the dispute, the .com version may return in the future. This is not guaranteed and I have no way of providing a good estimate on how long this may take.

Until further notice, the .CA domain (https://www.CanadianHomeBrewers.CA) is the only domain for this community.

For most of you, the .com won't load anymore. For some, it may continue to load due to way domains work (a short term domain name memory known as DNS cache).

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and I'm working to resolve it ASAP.

A NOTE TO YAHOO/Hotmail/Gmail Users:
Hotmail Users are likely to find this email in their spam.
[u}Yahoo users may not receive it at all![/u]
Gmail users seem to be receiving this email fine... but you may not.

To free email users, all I can recommend is to check your spam/junk folders, and add admin@canadianhomebrewers.ca (.CA) to your address book, and flag the email as "not spam" if possible. This website does not "normally" send out mass emails, so when Yahoo/Hotmail/MSN see a huge number of emails it sets some alarms off. Gmail is a bit "smarter" in that sense.

-XXXXX (Adam)

This is a CRITICALLY important message about the Canadian Home Brewers
forum, which is now accessible only via https://www.CanadianHomeBrewers.ca

Due to a clerical error, there is currently a dispute regarding the ".com"
variety of the Canadian Home Brewers web address (meaning
canadianhomebrewers.com specifically).

For a few of you, the .com variety may continue to load for a few days (due
to caching of the domain name--AKA: domain memory). Soon it will not load
for any of you.

To be clear, this was not a hack. This is a strictly
bureaucratic/clerical/administrative error between me and the domain

From now on, and until further notice, you must access the forum via
CanadianHomeBrewers.CA (note the CA suffix, not the .com suffix).

Depending on the results of the dispute, the .COM variety may become
functional again in the coming days. There is no guarantee, however, and
there is no anticipated ETA for this to happen.

I will keep you all informed of the outcome of this process, and I will
post a board-wide announcement on the website itself that duplicates this

All usernames and passwords remain the same.

In the 8 years CHB has been active, this is the first major issue that
we've had to deal with. I hope to have this issue resolved very quickly,
and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Besides: a rose, by any other name... well y'know...

All the best,

XXXXX (Adam)
Canadian Home Brewers Administrator
CanadianHomeBrewers.CA (CA!)
Mmmm... Beer... *drool*

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