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Post Editing Time

Posted: |18 Apr 2012|, 08:57
Hey folks,

A few months ago, I was asked to remove the time limit for editing posts. This allowed users to go back and edit/delete their own posts at any time.

Following multiple concerns, I have reverted the forum to the previous setting. The time limit for editing one's posts is now 5 minutes. This preserves continuity.

This gives ample time to re-read and ammend posts, even if/when the preview feature isn't used.

If you need a post edited after that point, contact myself or a moderator.

Re: Post Editing Time

Posted: |24 Apr 2015|, 13:45
by kombat
Is it possible to enable/disable this on a per-user or per-thread basis? I started the thread on competition announcements, and every time a new one is announced, it'd be nice if I could add it to the original post instead of having to make an additional post (which shows up at the end of the thread and is easily lost/missed).

Re: Post Editing Time

Posted: |24 Apr 2015|, 13:48
by Goulaigan
I was wondering the same thing about that thread... Would definitely make it easier rather than going through 5 pages trying to find a link...

Re: Post Editing Time

Posted: |25 Apr 2015|, 07:51
Good point, guys.

Kombat, I've changed the settings so that you can edit your posts in that forum. PM me if you have any issues.