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Post by ECH » 1 year ago

So, (this might be long winded)

Plan on doing a saison tomorrow (good Friday), simple pale malt (actually Horten Ridge Winter Pale), Rye Malt and Oats. Hopped lightly with 1/2oz of Mosaic, 1oz of Mosaic Cryo in the whirlpool. Another oz of Cryo in the dry hop.

Had thought of splitting the batch and maybe throwing some Brett in one half, but then didn't think Noble would have anything like that so resigned myself against doing that.

Low and behold, they had one vial of WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1, on sale ($4), because it was past its expiry date (March 5/18).

I bought it on a whim, I mean $4, if I am out $4 because it is no longer any good, no biggie. Figured I would just build it back up through a couple of starter steps. However, reading up on it, it got me back into thinking of splitting the batch again.

Sooooo, make the batch, ferment as normal with Belle Saison, peel off half of it to a glass carboy and pitch the vial. It being past its best before date (albeit early March), should I do a starter where it will only be 2.5-3 gal at the most? Or just pitch it as is? I assume being past the Best before date, probably doesn't mean much for the brett parts of the yeast, just not sure how sour or funky it might get. What, if any fruit could/should I use with it, being that the beer will be hopped with Mosaic? Thinking that much of any fruit might obliterate the Mosaic. I know the WLP655 is going to take months to do its magic, is there much point to dry hop it once it is towards the end before bottling? Or just leave it as is?

Temps with the 655, room temp? Or cooler? Or does it matter?

Sorry for all the questions, first time doing anything in the sour/brett realm

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Re: WLP655

Post by Reignman » 1 year ago

I would make a starter anyway, but being out of date, yes I definitely would. White Labs says the temp range is 80 F - 85 F. You have a heat belt or somewhere to get it that high and keep it there?

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Re: WLP655

Post by brhenrio » 1 year ago

I would keep it warm until the krausen drops and then room temp for aging. I used wyeast 5526 and some lacto for my first sour attempt.
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