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Water Profile

Post by johnnydanja »

I recently brewed a NEIPA that turned out to have a pretty bitter aftertaste. A fellow homebrewer suggested I take a look at the water profile as I'm currently brewing with well water(this was my first brew at this location). Here is the test that was done when the well was dug https://imgur.com/a/HEIDYGx Just wondering what everyones thoughts were. I was considering buying an RO system but based on what I see that won't help much. I'm thinking Calcium Carbonate additions are needed and is that it? Sufates at 111 are in the high range but still acceptable I think? Any other thoughts on the water or the harsh bitter aftertaste?

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Re: Water Profile

Post by Reignman »

I would suggest you make a donation to Bru"N Water and download it. Lots of water info comes with it. There is also something called www.ezwatercalculator.com. I haven't used it but it is free. With Bru'N water, you can input your own well water info and go from there with brewing salts and lactic acid to control your PH. I buy RO water to make my beer.

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Re: Water Profile

Post by ECH »

RO water gives you a blank slate and you can build your water profile from there. Honestly, for what it costs to just buy RO water, (about $3 for 5 gallons where I am), its honestly not worth buying a system for the house if all you are going to use it for is your brewing water.

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Re: Water Profile

Post by XXXXX »

I agree with ECH on cost of an RO system in the home.

I've almost always used whatever tap water was available.

On the rare occasions I bought water, I tried to get spring water over distilled.
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Re: Water Profile

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I have very hard civic water that is not useful for brewing. I just buy distilled water and build from there.
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