Maaking a Marzen with US-05

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Maaking a Marzen with US-05

Post by Reignman »

I don't have any more lager yeast at the moment. However, I have a brick of US-05 that I split up and vacuum sealed in my fridge. Thinking on brewing my standard Marzen but with US-05. Anyone do that here? What was it like? I realize it won't be a lager, but hoping for just beer.

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Re: Maaking a Marzen with US-05

Post by Warthaug »

I'm a bit late, but you can get OK pseudo-lagers out of US-05. You'll want to ferment cooler if you can, as it'll suppress the (already low) levels of ester production. One thing you may find is that your lagers wont be as "crisp", as ale yeasts do not ferment maltotriose effectively (most lager yeasts do). This can be partially addressed by a lower mash temperature, although for a marzen, this may be unnecessary as it is supposed to be a maltier style.
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