Brewing a bock, or dark German lager, with 2-row?

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Brewing a bock, or dark German lager, with 2-row?

Post by twistandstout »

I haven't brewed in a year now. Haven't posted here in a long time too. I thought it was time to make something new. As fall and winter are around the corner, I wanted to brew something appropriate for those seasons as well as clear out some ingredients I have in the fridge.

I've been looking into trying to brew some kind of dark German lager. I'm gravitating towards the dunkel, but I'm also thinking doppelbock or schwarzbier as well.

The issue is that my base grain would be Canadian 2-row. I have a lot of it I'd like to use up. I also have some specialty grains I wanted to use. These include:

black malt, chocolate malt, carafa special III
aromatic malt, honey malt, carahell
rye, toasted flaked rye, acidulated

Anywho, I was thinking of making some kind of rich, malty, dark-ish German lager using some of the caraf special and some aromatic and perhaps carahell.

I know the aromatic malt is a Munich malt, so I could use the full pound I have to make up for the overall loss of Munich malt.

Thoughts? Could I create a decent hybridized dunkel using 2-row as my base grain rather than Munich?

As for the yeast, I've been looking at the Wyeast 2124 bohemian lager.

Thanks!! :cheers:

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Re: Brewing a bock, or dark German lager, with 2-row?

Post by Reignman »

Yes, you sure can. I see you are using carahell, which is a great german crystal malt, I use it all the time. Our local brewery makes a Schwarzbier and I don't taste any Munich malt in it at all. Mostly roasted grains.

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