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What have I done?

Posted: |22 Apr 2016|, 00:30
by Dandelion
I believe I have made a terrible mistake and am hoping it can be fixed. Making wine, first time ever, so I choose elderberry (dried berries were cheap at the store) when mixing in the sugar I used some granulated sugar from my cupboard. Not having a scale to measure 2.5lb I converted the measurement to cups. After only 2 days with all ingredients in the primary (3 if you include the 2r hrs to let the liquid get to room temp) the mixture is ready for the secondary. Sg is 1. Very shortly after that, my airlock is no longer bubbling. I fear I have not added a Leno ugh sugar. Am I right? Can I add more now or is the yeast all gone? Wine looks cloudy still.....

Re: What have I done?

Posted: |22 Apr 2016|, 13:37
by oro
you can only go by your gravity readings, air lock bubbles does not mean its not fermenting. I don't make wine so cant say for sure but you could have completed fermentation faster than you expected

Re: What have I done?

Posted: |22 Apr 2016|, 17:06
Like oro says, go only by SG readings. What was your OG?

Once the SG stays the same for 48 hours you can pretty safely assume fermentation is done. You can still restart it with more fermentable (sugar) if you wish. Yeast stay viable for a pretty long time.