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Cider foam

Posted: |21 Oct 2018|, 11:37
by RickySan

I'm in my 2nd batch of cider, the first one was pure cider juice from a farm, and it produced the krausen ring, i figured thats because it was fresh cider, though i did pasteurize it.

the 2nd one is pasteurized cider/juice (again from a farm) and its doing the same thing, the foam ring. in the first experiment i used lalvin 71b-1122 and in the second batch i used ec-1118.

I read that most folk making hard cider never get the krausen ring, so now i'm wondering, what is going on?


Re: Cider foam

Posted: |22 Oct 2018|, 08:44
by Warthaug
I've had some pretty gnarley rings left over in my cider ferments. I think its dependent on the yeast strain you use - I like nottingham, and it always leaves a big ring behind. For fruit ciders I often use D47, and get no ring - despite the same unfermented cider going into the notty and d47 batches.

Re: Cider foam

Posted: |22 Oct 2018|, 09:00
by RickySan
good :) at least i know i'm not doing anything wrong. now it's waiting till i can sample..