Using Pails for the Primary

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Using Pails for the Primary

Post by Reignman » 10 months ago

I had a chat with our local BYO wine shop. She said they never use an air lock during primary fermentation. Just put the lid on and don't secure it. Okay, I can do that, but what about fruit flies? I get them during the summer with a beer tap in my basement and another one in my pub room which is near where I ferment wine. I wonder, can they crawl in the loose fitting lid?


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Re: Using Pails for the Primary

Post by XXXXX » 10 months ago

I guess it depends on the tolerances of the lid and bucket.

If the lid mates with the pail nice and flush, I don't think flies could get in. For the cost of an airlock, it's not worth the risk IMO.

I've seen people use a cloth over the top of their buckets, held on with a bungee or string. At least that's mechanically attached and tight.

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Re: Using Pails for the Primary

Post by Max » 10 months ago

I have used the type of carboy that has a lid and a seal ring, the centre has a hole for an air lock.
When in use I have had foam creep out of the lid seal with the air-lock barely working, I assume the pressure required is less for the lid seal!

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Re: Using Pails for the Primary

Post by bargoon » 9 months ago

Done both with good results. Recently started using Big Mouth Bubbler mainly because it has a spigot and for its ease of cleaning .

If you look at the "Mr Beer" equipment its basically a fermenting pail with a fanct lid.

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Re: Using Pails for the Primary

Post by ECH » 9 months ago

When I first started making beer kits from the cans of goo, the guy that taught me to make it basically took a garbage bag, put of over the mouth of the bucket, and then took duct tape around the outside of the bucket, on the garbage bag...and that was it.

No cover, no air lock, didn't even sanitize the garbage bag. Once primary was done, then it went into a carboy with an airlock. Beer always turned out well enough, nothing ever went back or attracted fruit flies.

Wouldn't do that today mind you, but that is how we did it back in the day.

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