Farm feed stores,, barley

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Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by Acadian_1755 »

Im assuming that the barley you find in feed stores is not malted ? So. I Guess what im asking is,, would malting your own barley be way too impractical to even try or do any of you guys do it and have any tips for a rookie,,
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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by SeanGodd »

Someone on here already tried this. If you do a search I'm sure you will come up with your answer. Think he was paying $17 a sack and without extra malting he missed his OG by more then 20points. But I am just going off of memory.

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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by Winger »

I considered malting my own barley when I first moved here and could not find a supplier nearby, and may still give it a try someday. One problem is feed barley has a higher protein content than malt barley and another is that it is a much lower grade. You may overcome these by simply using more, getting the right amount would be a bit of an experiment. :stirpot:
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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by Dee Envy »

I would say labour wise there is more money saved in roasting your own malts. You would save a little less on grain costs, but it is much quicker, and if you were short on a specialty malts and the LHBS is a ways away it would work in a pinch.
Also you are using base malts which are malted with maximum starch by a company that has been doing it for years. ... our-malts/

I do not mean to discourage you from trying it though. The rewards are greater than the savings for DIY projects. :cheers:
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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by Mr_Tastyfish »

Great link, Dee.
I really like toasting my own malts. If you're able to pick up a sack or two of 2-row malt, it's really all you need in order to create a huge range of beer styles. However, this is far different from malting feed-store barley.
Toasting an already malted brewer's grain, is something that is simple enough for the average homebrewer to be able to do in their kitchen. Turning an unmalted animal feed-grade sack of barley into something with the same properties as quality brewer's malt is a little more complicated, if even possible.

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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by Goulaigan »

Here is the post from another member who malted his own...


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Re: Farm feed stores,, barley

Post by lakerfan824 »

It can probably be done, but like others have said, it will be difficult and affect the quality of your brew. The reason it's being sold as feed barley is because it didn't make the cut for malt. As a farmer, when selling barley, we first send a sample to the elevator for them to test. They test a bunch of different properties, among them protein content, and germination. If it doesn't make the cut, it is sold as feed for a much lower price.

Long story short, malting your own barley could be a fun experiment, and it's something I'd like to try eventually, but if you're going to try, start with good quality barley. If you try using feed, I think you'll just be disappointed.

Either way let us know how it goes if you end up trying something!

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