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Tacky after taste

Posted: |28 Jul 2020|, 22:47
by Sully and Boo

I'm not sure how to describe this. After you drink it, it leaves a tanin mouthfeel. Like a chimp eating peanut butter. It makes your mouth slap making a chewing sound.

Well I get that after some beers. Could this caused by oxygen contacting the beer? Water profile? Not leaving in the fermenter long enough?

I understand that all of the above and a few more reasons could be the reason but I find I get it on most of my beers. Just looking for a direction to head in. I do have a Fermzilla waiting to be used and want to try closed transfers so see if that makes a difference.

I am quite impatient when it comes to waiting and probably don't ferment/keg long enough before trying to reap the rewards.

Any help appreciated,

Re: Tacky after taste

Posted: |29 Jul 2020|, 07:17
by Reignman
All-grain brewer? If so, are you over sparging? Sparging with water that is over 170 F? Do you check your PH? Try keep your mash PH under 5.5.

Re: Tacky after taste

Posted: |29 Jul 2020|, 17:55
by Sully and Boo
Yes all-grain. Over sparging? Is that a thing? :| I don't think I use water over 170f. I generally heat up the sparge water in the RoboBrew before hand and keep it in a 8 gallon boil kettle so if anything I'd say it cools down a bit.

I will admit water chemistry is not a thing I practice right now. I've asked a LHBS and the general answer was "I brew wine, but I don't know of anyone who does anything with Edmonton water... it's pretty good here!"

Is PH a good place to start with rergards to water? I do get a bit lost in PPM calcium, gypsum, etc.

Thanks for the reply

Re: Tacky after taste

Posted: |30 Jul 2020|, 08:07
by Reignman
Not splashing your beer when kegging can help too. I transfer under pressure with my Conical and my carboys. I use that orange cap thingy with my better bottles to transfer with C02 to keep oxidation to a minimum.