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Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |23 Feb 2022|, 01:13
by BobbyIronsights
Hi there, I'm Bob, sorry if this topic has already been answered but I had no luck searching FIrst beer recipe, first recipe or recipe, also putting my search terms in brackets appeared to do nothing and I couldn't use the google search bar. I searched easy beginner recipe online and got wildly different recipes, some wanting me to start with malted grains which seems.... complicated for a first timer

Anywho, I want to try a dry malt extract recipe that is reasonably close to a normal Canadian beer in flavour for the first go around, and need a suggestion for a first recipe. Not looking for perfection, just easy and simple to get started.

Also, how do I choose my Hops, I see alot of percentages of acids and oils and whatnot and could use a simple guide

A link to a reputable website or something would mean the world. I'm doing alot of googling but I'm still stupid.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate any suggestions

Re: Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |23 Feb 2022|, 15:21
by Warthaug
This is a pretty broad question, as you can brew nearly any style of beer from extract. I would ***strongly*** recommend that you ***do not*** brew one of the pre-canned malt extract kits. They tend to make shitty beer.

An easy entry point would be to buy a malt-extract kit from a reputable seller. This way you can pick a style that you like, and not have to worry about buying all of the correct ingredients. I shop extensively with ontario beer kegs, who despite their name, sell nationally via mail-order. They have a line of kits that would likely serve you well as a starting place: ... _1146.html

Hope that helps, and welcome to the hobby!


Re: Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |26 Feb 2022|, 18:53
by BobbyIronsights
The only "style" I know is lager, beers like molson canadian and labatt blue, any suggestions on a homebrew that's kind of like those?

Re: Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |28 Feb 2022|, 02:48
by brhenrio
Try a blonde ale or a cream ale

Re: Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |28 Feb 2022|, 09:03
by Reignman
Don't forget to sanitize everything. A trip to a homebrew store is a good idea if you are close to one. They will help you with every step of the process.

Re: Newbie first brew recipe

Posted: |16 Mar 2022|, 05:30
by BobbyIronsights
Nope, thunder bay resident, but I have seen it emphasized greatly in written and video instructions so i bought some starsan.