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Yeast Sale

Posted: |07 Sep 2016|, 11:19
by NB Craft Brewers Market
Hey guys come grab a couple, great for experimenting! Already Priced right.

Re: Yeast Sale

Posted: |15 Sep 2016|, 00:51
by ECH
Why is it that all the prices on your website are in USD, when you are in Canada? Misleading a bit on the prices. Your in Canada (New Brunswick), prices should default to CDN currency. If there are that many US people buying from you, then have the option for them to change everything to USD.....but shouldn't be defaulted that way.

Re: Yeast Sale

Posted: |02 Oct 2016|, 12:30
by NB Craft Brewers Market
They are in Canadian by default you or your browser must have the default USD turned on, look at the top left corner where it says all prices are in USD and click on the USD, then choose CDN to put it back to CDN