Complete 5gal homebrew setup!

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Complete 5gal homebrew setup!

Post by SupraloVr » 2 weeks ago

I'm selling my complete 5gal set up.

$675 obo

Compared to everything I've seen online, my equipment is the most up-to-date and the best quality.

Setup includes :

- Hot liquor tank
- Mash tun (11.7gal)
- Boil kettle (30L)
- Immersion chiller
- 7.9 gal FastFerment conical fermenter.
- Hoses and accessories

- Kettle is 30L which is 7.9gal so that there's room for it to foam up during boil. And not have a mess
- Kettle is also induction ready. Meaning an induction plate can be used to heat it up

- FastFerment conical fermenter was easily the best thing I upgraded to, to make cleaner beer. It works so well because you do not need to touch your product to remove trub or yeast cake.
- The fermenter being so large helps a ton for not creating a mess during the fermenting process. Wort foams up and usually blows the top off carboys, which makes this set up much easier.

- Mash tun is 11.9gal so there is plenty of space for stirring.

Selling for $675. I bought everything brand new and was easily over $1300 so you are getting an awesome price.

I have made excellent beer with this setup. The reason for selling is that I'm upgrading to a much larger volume kit that would allow me the room to work my way to opening my own brewpub.

I won't part this kit out.

Happy brewing!

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