Hobbies other than brewing?

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Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by OldNelly »

So, what else does everyone do to kill time? I enjoy camping, fishing, woodworking and the biggest brewery budget killer of them all....audio equipment. Recently I decided to put my foot on the bottom rung of the high end stereo ladder, a Naim Nait 5Si. No brewing upgrades this year for me. Here's a few pics of my main system.
Top to bottom:
-Yaqin MS-23B tubed phono stage
-Archos 5 - 250GB hard drive for digital music
-Pioneer Elite surround reciever
-Thorens TD-150 MK-ii turntable. I built a custom walnut and cherry plinth for it 5 or so years ago.
-Naim Nait 5 Si integrated amplifier
-Power conditioner
-on the left -Totem Acoustics Arro - for 2 channel
-on the right - NHT ST4 - for multi-channel
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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Chicco »

wow that's another expensive hobby!

I love going outdoors and doing some DIY stuff too!

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Wingeezer »

For me, at this time, other hobbies mainly include:

- trying to learn "clawhammer style" banjo playing,
- motorcycle touring
- RV'ing

I also still enjoy tinkering in the garage with a restored/modified 1979 BMC Mini that I restored about 20 years ago! I used to enjoy restoring Brit sports cars, and although I dont really do it any more, still kept the Mini along with a good collection of tools, welding equipt. etc.

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by THE EDJ »

Mountain Biking
ImageUntitled by Evan Jones, on Flickr
ImageUntitled by Evan Jones, on Flickr


ImageIMG_4921 by Evan Jones, on Flickr
ImageSnapseed by Evan Jones, on Flickr

Rock Climbing
ImageP1080730 by Evan Jones, on Flickr
ImageDSC_0825 by Evan Jones, on Flickr

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Lead Loader »

Hunting, ducks geese and turkeys. Working around the house during the summer by doing maintenance on the vehicles and house.
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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by JimmehBrew »

I can't write my absolute favorite hobbie as this is a family oriented forum, but :bighug:


Canoe tripping is my next favorite to brewing

and cooking of course :cheers:

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Mr_Tastyfish »

Besides brewing, my hobbies/interests include hunting, fishing camping and canoeing, as well as gardening and playing guitar.

Oh, and hanging out here on the homebrew forum. :cheers:

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Genghis »

Board games. My current collection is somewhere north of 200.

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by oro »

One nick name is the "bass whisper'r". Sometimes the trip to camp and fish is a good long haul




Also do some photography, this is a stock image sold a few time for advertising

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Re: Hobbies other than brewing?

Post by Goulaigan »

My other favourite passtimes include hangin out with my 3 boys, skiing, ice fishing, fishing, doing anything around the yard at my house on the eastern shores of Lake Superior, and buliding and flying RC flying machines...

Some of my toys...

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