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Posted: |01 Jun 2016|, 13:45
by shane9b3
Hello everyone,
This is my first post and thought I'd run a poll to see how many people would like a service like this;

I was thinking of travelling to some craft breweries in Ontario and offering to buy beer for other people and delivering it to them on my way back home, sort of like a tasters club. As the breweries may have beer in the LCBO I would be getting the ones that aren't. I would send out an email two weeks before the trip with the breweries and types of beer, you would pick a package and pay for it, then I go and get the beer and deliver to your house. I guess it would be a craft beer home delivery service but only around once a month.

Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in.

Re: Idea

Posted: |02 Jun 2016|, 00:41
by brhenrio
Would be great but im not in your area. Also there is something like this already in western canada. They FedEx or mail it.

Re: Idea

Posted: |02 Jun 2016|, 08:55
by kombat
We already have such a service in the Ottawa area (Brew Donkey). They also organize brewery tours. It seems to have been pretty successful so far, so it looks like a valid business model.