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Cooking Ideas. Post Your Favourite Recipe

Posted: |15 Jan 2017|, 14:16
by brhenrio
Im looking for fresh ideas for meals. My favourite to make, but swmbo wont let me make that often is nashville chicken and waffles.

Piece out a whole chicken and add to a couple cups of buttermilk that is seasoned with a couple tablespoons hot sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Marinate for 2 hours to overnight.

Remove chicken from marinade and reserve marinade.
Set up a two station battering station with the marinade as the wet station and seasoned flour as the dry. Do not dry chicken after removing from marinade, put it into flour, then back into marinade, then back in flour for a nice thick batter. Allow chicken to rest after breading for a couple minutes and then fry in oil.

Make waffles however you want. For chicken sauce take a couple tablespoons butter and a couple tablespoons lard and melt on stovetop. Add whatever hot spices you want and garlic. I add a fair amount of chipotle and cayenne. Serve chicken on waffles with sauce drizzled overtop and syrup on side.

Re: Cooking Ideas. Post Your Favourite Recipe

Posted: |28 Jan 2017|, 17:40
by Venari
I've made this a couple of times now. I have to occassionally substitute due to a shortage of some items, but things always turn out in the end. Makes for nice varieties in flavour :)

Cast Iron skillet was my best purchase so far! I love that I can transfer between oven and range without transferring the food to a new vessel :)