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New meats

Post by Venari »

I've always been curious about trying new meats. I was raised on caribou, seal, polar bear, walrus, with the occassional chicken, pork, or beef dish thrown in.

In Quebec I managed to get some kangaroo meat, and that was delicious, and surprisingly tender.

I haven't tried snake meat yet, and I've been meaning to try it out.

The recent kerfuffle about the dog meat festival over in Asia has got me curious to try it out. None of the provincial slaughterhouses are licensed to provide dog meat (not illegal in canada, but nobody's been willing to take on the PR nightmare). Any idea where I can get some?

Has anybody here got any "non traditional" meat they'd recommend? A small carribean place in ottawa serves goat, but they're always "sold out" when I go in to try it. I figure I love lamb, goat should be interesting. I'd like to try horse meat as well, has anybody tried it?
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Re: New meats

Post by XXXXX »

Weird thread, but being from Nunavut I can see you having a different palate for we consider game meat than most of us.

Gotta say, polar bear and seal make me curious.

Lamb, goat, rabbit are all easily found in grocery stores.

The only restaurant I've ever seen less common meat available is at The Works of all places where they offer Elk burger. I'd imagine it's similar to caribou, but might have a different flavor profile because I believe it is farmed and not game meat.

I've tried frog... Meh. Could take it or leave it really.

There are hunters who take down Coyote regularly if dog meat is what you're curious about, but keep in mind they scavenge, and each animal will probably taste a lot like what it managed to scrounge up. Your best chance is probably a hunting forum.

You could always go to the pet store and make a long term investment ;)

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Re: New meats

Post by OldNelly »

Elk is the king of game meat.
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Re: New meats

Post by Chicco »

Coming from the Philippines, i've had my fair share of exotic meats but i wouldn't try dog meat, alot of people i know says that dog meat warms your body. We have a guy here in Winnipeg who supplies goat meat.

I've tried: frogs, salamander, snake, locaust, eel, aligator

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Re: New meats

Post by Diceman »

Man I just gotta say NAY to the dog meat ... it would be like eating my kids .
Other than that ... any other WILD game I'm in for a taste . Want to make a nice squirrel roasting skewer some time soon .
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