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Any Gamers in here

Posted: |13 Jul 2017|, 10:34
by Chymick the brewer
So first off, I'm guessing Off-topic Chat is for non-beer/brewing related topic so I thought, why not see if anyone here games.

I'm more of an RPG, action RPG, stealth gamer. I'm currently playing Dark souls \[T]/
(I played Bloodborne, Dark souls and demon's soul) and it's my all time favorite game series.
I'm also more PS3-PS4-Vita, and a touch of PC gaming (nothing too demanding, I only have a gaming laptop)

I want to know: of game you play
2. hardware (wii, switch, 3DS, PC whatever)


Re: Any Gamers in here

Posted: |13 Jul 2017|, 15:42
by brhenrio
1. Mostly sports games with the occaisonal rpg amd shooter. Playing lots of the show lately with the newest tom clancy ghost shooter thrown in.

2. Ps4, have had the ps3, 360, ps2, genesis, and the sega master in the past. (Genesis and master were given to me when they were way out of date.)

Re: Any Gamers in here

Posted: |27 Aug 2020|, 13:40
by francisbaud
1. I used to play mostly MMORPG and MOBA, sometimes FPS
2. PC

Re: Any Gamers in here

Posted: |27 Aug 2020|, 19:52
Mostly PC and mostly years ago. Half Life. Counter-Strike. Team Fortress, etc.

Also like strategy games like Sim City, Cities Skylines and also older titles like Age of Empires, StarCraft, etc.

Before that, Doom, Wolfenstein, Diablo, etc.

PS in Off-topic pretty much anything goes :)