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Chatham-Kent Homebrewing Club

Posted: |20 Jan 2016|, 10:07
by bullock
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've been living and brewing in Chatham, Ontario for a while now and have been an active member of the London Homebrewers Guild. They are an amazing club and I will continue to support them, however I wanted to get something started here in Chatham. So here it is! I'm starting a local club here for any homebrewers or people interested in the hobby in the Chatham-Kent area.

Our first meeting will be at Sam's Percolator (87 Thames St, Chatham) from 7:30-9:30pm on Feb 2nd. The meetings will be held monthly on the first Tuesday of every month. This first meeting we will be sharing homebrew and working out some details of the club, so please bring a bottle or two of whatever homebrew you've got on hand (good or bad).

Feb 2nd @ 7:30pm-9:30pm at Sam’s Percolator (87 Thames St)
Please bring 2 bottles of homebrew, if available.

Now to get on the soap box:

My vision for the club is to share knowledge on homebrewing and craft beer in general to try and elevate the hobby/craft in Chatham-Kent. I am not interested in hosting an event for people that mix sugar and water together and ferment it to get drunk. For me, the hobby is about sharing, community, creativity, art and science; the alcohol is more of a welcome by-product. The club is welcome to everyone who is currently homebrewing in any capacity (extract, partial-mash, all-grain etc) or to anyone who is interested in the hobby and wants to learn, so please invite anyone you think would fit into those criteria. This first meeting will be to gauge interest and potential and work out a few details with your help (naming, timing etc). I may be the one starting the club but I want us all to be a part of it and have input whenever necessary… in other words this will be a democracy, not a dictatorship.


Re: Chatham-Kent Homebrewing Club

Posted: |21 Feb 2016|, 16:43
by bullock
Hey everyone, the first meeting of the CK Brewers Club (name tentative) was awesome! There were 14 of us and we are all very passionate about homebrewing, with experiences ranging from kit extract to full all grain 10 gallon brew stands.

I put together a free forum so we can all start to chat online and share information, as well as make club announcements and organize fun events. The link is below:

Feel free to join the club and get some more discussion going! See what we're up to and how we are growing!

Re: Chatham-Kent Homebrewing Club

Posted: |22 Feb 2016|, 08:36
by Warthaug
Well done Alex!

May I recommend approaching the Canadian Homebrew Association to get your club listed on their website (, as may people find their local clubs via the CHA.