Durham Homebrewers

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Durham Homebrewers

Post by chrisbourdages »

I've founded a Homebrewers Club in the Durham Region (of Ontario)

However, our membership includes people from all over the GTA.

We get together once a month and discuss brewing beer (either from all grain, all extract or even extract kits).

We frequently discuss our passions with one another on our groups facebook page (Durham Hombrewers), thereby improving our own abilities to brew beer.

When we meet once a month we sample eachothers favorite batches and discuss them at length.

We post all of our recipes on our facebook page as well.

Also, when we meet, we brew a batch of BEER! of which, we sample at our next meeting while we brew another batch of BEER!!!

Interested yet?

Newbys and experienced brewers are welcome. I encourage anyone with a passion for homebrewing to join!

We have a broad spectrum of members thus far, ranging from the beginner to the intermediate to the advance brewer!

Be sure to look for us on Facebook under the group "DURHAM HOMEBREWERS



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Re: Durham Homebrewers

Post by RichC999 »

Hey that sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad I'm in Alberta.

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Re: Durham Homebrewers

Post by Diceman »

chrisbourdages wrote: Also, when we meet, we brew a batch of BEER! of which, we sample at our next meeting while we brew another batch of BEER!!!
Awsome !
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Re: Durham Homebrewers

Post by creeg »

U got me intersted. Sounds like a great way to improve skills and meet some new people that can share the same sort of passion. Ill check it out tonight and start by joining the facebook page.
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Re: Durham Homebrewers

Post by Attila N »

Hello fellow Durham Brewers.

I have finally found yu guys. I would be interested in attending yur gettogethers. I am not on facebook, so is there any other way that i can be in touch and come to yur meet ups?


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