Do you run or know of an online home brew supply shop? List it in this forum with a description of what they sell and where they are based.
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Re: HomeBrewGearCanada

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Erwin wrote:I'm sorry, forgive my directness, it must be my Dutch habits again. We articulate our thoughts quicker than Canadians. I'm only trying to help. I do like your store AND that of ihomebrewing and all others, and I do understand there are actually people working day and night to keep us customers happy. Please accept my apologies.
I for one forgive you. I would be a grumpy basturd too, if I was stomping around in wooden shoes all day. One question: Do you plan on buying a barley crusher or are you sticking with the whole windmill thing?

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Re: HomeBrewGearCanada

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That was a pretty quick response for being a slow Canadian.

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Re: HomeBrewGearCanada

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Thanks outscidr.
Windmills... nah... Ontario has planted a few hundred of them on beautiful Wolfe Island here in the st Lawrence, people in Kingston are sick of windmills. I'll stick to my crankandstein.
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Re: HomeBrewGearCanada

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Erwin wrote:It's easy, for instance, add 9 lbs of pale ale and 1 lb of victory to the cart, totals to about $16. Add shipping to Ontario K7M3A6 to find $28.50 of shipping, totals to $46.
CHS is $19.50 for the grains plus $16.80 for shipping totals to $36.
As I said, it's the shipping fee that is killing.
CHS will often request more money for shipping after you placed the order so keep that in mind when comparing. I stopped shopping there over a year ago for that reason.

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