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The Catalyst Fermenting System

Posted: |28 Oct 2016|, 16:48
by BarleyBeaver

Now taking pre-orders. We expect our shipment to arrive mid - late November.

This compact unit will do a variety of jobs in your brew kitchen.

Using this well crafted system you will be able to ferment beer, wine and mead. The conical tank may be used as a primary and secondary fermenter. The TritanĀ® constructed tank can withstand temperatures of up to 230 F, and is dishwasher tested and approved. The trub from your wort will settle quite quickly into the mason jar (16 oz jar included) once the wort has been transferred to the tank. Once your yeast has been pitched you may use the trub trap (which has a 3" butterfly valve) to collect your yeast for harvesting.

This system may also be used for bottling your brew using the included bottling attachment and hose.

This system is easy enough for new brewers to use and experienced brewers will know just how much work this will save them in the future. ... ion-system

Re: The Catalyst Fermenting System

Posted: |10 Nov 2016|, 16:13
by BarleyBeaver
They have arrived, and they're looking great!


They're even better than we were expecting, lightweight and durable, with great packaging!


Get yours while supplies last! ... on-system/