Selling Hops To Home Brewers

Do you run or know of an online home brew supply shop? List it in this forum with a description of what they sell and where they are based.
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Selling Hops To Home Brewers

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I'm selling hop pellets from the Yakima Valley, Washington State USA.
My current inventory and price list is listed below. However, I will have a lot more varieties available in the new crop season (September, 2012) and even imports.
w/ Online store opening soon!

----> All hops are vacuum packed, stored in cold storage, and are from the 2011 Crop.
----> All prices are USD and are based on 1 pound / 16oz.

Variety (Currently in Stock W/ Alpha Acid %

Bravo ($8.00) 14-17%
Cascade ($10.00) 4-7%
Columbus ($8.00) 14-16%
Magnum ($10.00) 12-14%
Millenium ($8.00) 12-16%
Mt. Hood ($10.00) 5-8%
Northern Brewer ($10.00) 6.5-10%
Nugget ($10.00) 12.5-15%
Saaz ($10.00) 4.5-6%
Summit ($8.00) 13-16%
Willamette ($10.00) 4-6%

Shipping (international):
Up to 3 Pounds = USPS $13 Flat Rate Envelope
Up to 18 Pounds = USPS $40 Flat Rate Large Box

Placing an order:
Send order to my email:
Payment: Paypal and Credit Card for Bulk Orders

*Prices subject to change
*Availability of varieties are subject to change

Ebay Store

FaceBook Page



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