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Cherries/ Blueberries

Posted: |24 Mar 2017|, 16:35
by razorblade
In the process of fermenting a wheat ale, as well as a cream ale.

** For the wheat ale** Trying to go for a Cascade / Galaxy aroma, with a blueberry flavour. Debating between 4kg (9.7 lbs) frozen blueberries, or 2-4 oz of Natural blueberry extract. ... -flav-4oz/

** For the cream ale** Trying to go for a plain/simple cream ale, with a vanilla/ cherry/ both flavour. Here, I have the option of getting 4.5kg (10 lbs) frozen cherries, or a 2-4 oz of Natural cherry extract. (similar to the blueberry one above.)

PS: Concerned about a good fruit flavour. Not too subtle, but not overpowering. (4-ish on a scale of 10?). Also trying to not make it taste like cough syrup - I read conflicting posts online about the advantages of frozen fruit over extract, especially when it comes to cherries.

PS1: Which one should I go for, in each case and what quantities (for the flavour strength I want)?

Re: Cherries/ Blueberries

Posted: |31 Mar 2017|, 13:12
by Canuck
I would definitely go fresh/frozen fruit over extract. Extract, IMHO gives a very artificial flavour compared to real fruit. Blueberries are very subtle, I would add a good 5-7 pounds per 5 gal batch for a decent amount of flavour to come through.