Improvenents on my weizen

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Re: Improvenents on my weizen

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Just an FYI - I've brewed 2 Bavarian Hefe's, one last year, one this year, using the safbrew WB-06 dry wheat beer yeast and both came out fantastic. Both were wet-hopped harvest ales using fresh hallertau hops right from the vine into the boil. Both beers had a very nice, tart lemon flavour at the end of each sip that was extremely refreshing and made these brews dangerously drinkable, especially on a hot summer day.

If you're looking for a citrus/lemon kick, perhaps experiment with this yeast. Other sources have also confirmed the lemony taste. Be wary of fermentation temps and pitching rates when brewing these beers, as both are critical in the production of esters and phenolics :drunk:

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