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Blood orange or other fruit hefe recipe?

Posted: |09 Oct 2017|, 15:33
by twistandstout
I brewed a 5 gallon batch of traditional bavarian hefe a few weeks ago, wet-hopped during the boil with home-grown hallertau. I was thinking I would rack a 1/2-1 gallon of it in smaller carboys and try experimenting with it. I wanted to do a gingerbread hefe, using traditional lebkuchen spices to see how that would turn out, and also try something like a blood orange hefe. I've always wanted to brew a blood orange wheat beer and this may be a convenient way to experiment. I was thinking I'd just rack a gallon over whole blood orange (without the peel) and just let it sit on there for a week or two before bottling.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

A blueberry wheat was another idea of mine but I feel that's more of a summer ale I could try next year.