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What to brew app?

Posted: |08 Aug 2020|, 12:59
by Sully and Boo
Hey guys,

Just occurred to me that I've seen apps/websites that home bartenders have where you put in all the ingredients you have access to and it will give you a list of cocktails that you could make.

I wonder if this is feasible to do with beer? Obviously, everyone tweaks their recipes so there is no hard and fast exact recipe for each beer style, but if you were to input whatever you have on hand, something like;

4lbs Pilsner malt
12lbs Pale 2-Row
10lbs Wheat Malt
2oz Cascade
6oz Mosaic

It could give you some examples of beers you could make from a base recipe and not show styles that you don't have the base ingredients for. I know quite often I'll get unexpected free time and wish I had more ingredients to make something different and the LHBS is closed.

Just a thought.

Re: What to brew app?

Posted: |11 Aug 2020|, 12:40
I think it's a great idea. The difficult part would be making a database of all ingredients, recipes, and ingredients that can be substituted for another.

Are you an app maker?