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Certified Cicerone® Training

Posted: |17 Mar 2013|, 22:57
by SlipperyPete

I'm running a course starting April 22th at the Beer Academy which teaches you how to pass the Certified Cicerone® exam. It's 21 sessions which covers everything you'll need to know to pass. It includes the following:

Tasting every style in the BJCP guide (76+)
Off-flavor testing every class
Guest speakers from Hop Farmers, Local Brewers, Draft techs and a cheese expert
Palate Calibration and Sensory development
and much, much more

The sessions would be 2-2.5 hrs every Monday evening, except on holidays, which would be then held Tuesday. The total cost is $650, all in, taxes incl. I provide everything except a pen or pencil. It works out to $31 per session.

Classes are limited to 12 participants.

For people whom want to learn about beer, and achieve an internationally recognized designation, call or email me for more information. Questions on this forum are welcome as well.

Anybody who wants to take their homebrew to the next level might also want to consider this.

Please note that I am not affiliated with the Beer Academy, or an employee of Molson/Coors. I am solely renting a space there.

Peter Campagna
Certified Cicerone®
Phone: 647.280.5118
Twitter: @beer_education

Re: Certified Cicerone® Training

Posted: |12 Jan 2014|, 15:45
by SlipperyPete
Hey everybody.

I'm looking to do another round of Cicerone training, with a Certified Cicerone exam announced for April 21st, at the Beer Academy, in Toronto.

I've put together a little blog to help inform people about the course and what I do.

I'm hoping to start first Monday of February. I already have 4 people interested, looking for 4 - 8 more.

Any questions or comments, feel feel to e-mail me or drop me a line.