Racking cane elbow cleaning

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Racking cane elbow cleaning

Post by tekknofobia2 »

Is there an easy way to clean that racking cane elbow? I've been using the acrylic cane for years and because I can see through it I know that gunk accumulates there over time. I'm toying with idea of upgrading to stainless steel cane but I have not figured out a full proof way to get at that elbow. Any suggestions?

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Re: Racking cane elbow cleaning

Post by Reignman »

A good soak in oxiclean and hot water might help. Using a wallpaper tray helps the soaking too.

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Re: Racking cane elbow cleaning

Post by Robert »

Never had a problem. I rinse it completely with hot water after use, and soak it in bleach solution before use. I always use it along with a keg or carboy, so I siphon some through the cane, dip the end back into the solution to hold it inside the cane, then top up the keg/carboy. Five minutes is enough to kill any bugs. Rinse and use immediately.

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Re: Racking cane elbow cleaning

Post by Warthaug »

Buy a new one - they're cheap.
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