Grainfather users; note from manufacturer

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Grainfather users; note from manufacturer

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Hey all,

Just got this note from one of my suppliers and wanted to pass it along to anyone using a Grainfather:
ATTENTION: USA Grainfather Connect 110V/120V Control Box Owners (Item # 10190 and 10197)

We have received a few reports of the element heating cord plug that is connected to the Grainfather unit becoming fused to the US Grainfather Connect Control Box. After investigation we believe that a contributing factor to this issue is likely to be that the heating element cord plug is not being pushed completely into the socket on the Connect Control Box.

Although very simple, it is important that the plugs on both cords are pushed in as far as they can go into the Connect Control Box at all times. Ensure these are forming a snug connection to the terminals and are not loose in any way. Make
sure you check the plugs are securely in place before each brew as these can come loose over time with use.

Some warmth while running is expected, however this should not be hot to touch. If you find that your heating element cord plug is becoming very warm whilst brewing please contact us at:
(along with the details of where you purchased this product).

Kind Regards
The Grainfather Team

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