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Aging Barrels

Posted: |27 Jan 2019|, 18:31
by Wolf357
I received a aging barrel for Christmas and am very impressed in how it matures a blended whiskey cocktail into something very good.
But I’m having trouble locating barrels. The one I got is a 1 liter which is just too small..
Anyone know a good site that shops to Canada or even better a place in Winnipeg that sells barrels?
There are some online sites that are from Canada that ship but are very expensive the US sites are great but shipping is silly
Would prefer a site that engraves the the look...

Re: Aging Barrels

Posted: |27 Jan 2019|, 20:45
Are you looking for brand new? A lot of wineries in Niagara region sell their old ones for pretty cheap. The same is probably true for the Okanogan Valley wineries. Commercially, they're limited to how many times they're permitted to be used.

Shipping would probably be expensive from either one, unfortunately.

John Hall (40 Creek Whiskey) got started using old barrels. That's straight from the horse's mouth, too!

These are massive barrels, and I doubt they'll engrave them, though ;)

Re: Aging Barrels

Posted: |29 Jan 2019|, 00:06
by Wolf357
No it’s for aging small batches of liquor or cocktails
Usually in the 2liter to 5 liter range

Re: Aging Barrels

Posted: |31 Jan 2019|, 01:38
by brhenrio
I have been looking too. Beware there are some scam websites out there that "attempt" to sell barrels