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Posted: |30 Jul 2015|, 19:23
by ben58
DSCN0281 (480x640).jpg
This is Seymor, as in Little Shop of Horrors. If you get too close, she grabs you and tries to drag you in. The plants are Cascades and the cones are just rolling along. A week ago, she was nothing but burrs. The trellis is 15 feet high x 8 feet wide.

Re: Seymor

Posted: |31 Jul 2015|, 09:20
by SmokeyMcB
Seymor was the man, the plant was called Audry2...

Great looking hops plant anyhow.

Re: Seymor

Posted: |31 Jul 2015|, 14:25
by oro
thats a nice plant, how old?

Re: Seymor

Posted: |01 Aug 2015|, 07:51
by ben58
4 years. Started life at Black Oak Brewing and the building's lawn service kept weed whacking them. Ken said it would be OK to dig them up and take them home.