hop harvest 2016

Growing hops, fruits, spices, herbs, or anything else you plan on throwing into your brew? Tell us about it!
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hop harvest 2016

Post by ruf1 »

After the disaster when the wind blew my hop trellis down it was a tough job to get things back up, got the job completed and happy to get such a great crop.

willamette 3.5 lbs hallertauer 3 lbs saaz 3.5 lbs challenger 4 lbs brewersgold 3 lbs

fuggle 3 lbs crystal 4 lbs columbus 5 lbs golding 1.5 lbs chinook 1.5 lbs

mt hood 3 lb 5oz northernbrewer 3.5 lbs cascade 2 lbs

Total 41 lbs all vacuum sealed in foodsaver bags :bow:

Applied extra fertilizers this year when the hops flowered and when the cones were about an inch long.


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Re: hop harvest 2016

Post by ECH »

I got nothing, but the first year plants did more growing down, then up, which should bode well for next year. They are now planted in the ground along with the Golding I have left that is going on 3 yrs. When I took it out of the bucket, it has been warm enough here that it had new growth on the roots, but unfortunately part of the roots came apart. Looking at the small piece that came off, has new growth as well, so put it in the ground as well. Manure over them all, with a dusting of wood ash, now just have to find some hay to cover them all up, and hope for the best in the spring!

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Re: hop harvest 2016

Post by Bodhi »

That's great Ruf! Now if you started growing and malting your own grains you'd be self sufficient! That's a lot of beer there

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