Mountmellick kits ....

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Mountmellick kits ....

Post by joconn »

....anyone try these? Opinions?

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Re: Mountmellick kits ....

Post by stoutsandgreen »

I have a mountmellick stout on now. Will let you know what its like when done.

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Re: Mountmellick kits ....

Post by ukulele01 »

I made one of their Irish Cream Ales in September. Nice and malty. These kits are made by Muntons. Watch the dates on the kits as they don't move as fast as Coopers and Morgans do at my LHBS. The yeast may be near expiry. You might want to replace it with a fresher package of Safale US-05 or Mangrove Jack's Workhorse.

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