Best brand of homebrew kit?

Homebrewing with extract? Share your thoughts here!
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Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by XXXXX »

I've used Coopers, Brew Canada, Morgan's and Munton's kits and I find the best quality is Morgan's (but it's also quite a bit more pricey).

What brand of beer kits do like best and why?
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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by Dkat »

I dont know if these would be considered kits but festabrew and brew house are really good, basically Wort in a box just pitch the yeast in primary rack to secondary and then bottle ive had some really good beer from thes kits also coopers real ale was good used 50/50 dextrose and lme. i was gonna make a coopers canadian blonde tonight but have no brew enhancer have to wait till mon :( i have dextrose and lme but guess need some maltodextrine i think it is was going to try 1/3 1/3 1/3.
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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by ukulele01 »

I haven't tried all of the kits in Munton's Original Series but, with the exception of the Anniversary Ale, I have not liked them. A lot of them have IBUs in the 25-35 range, so are poor candidates for adding finishing hops to, and are only 1.5kg, which makes them expensive (at least in my LHBS). But I like their premium kits (Brewmaster). I find Coopers kits reliable, and they are widely available. All of their kits are 1.7kg and 100% malt, so good value, but I am not fond of the bittering hops they use (Pride of Ringwood). I have just started using Black Rock kits, and I like them quite a bit. They are bittered with Green Bullet and Pacific Jade, which are a nice switch from the Coopers, and their kits tend to be low IBUs, so good candidates for adding finishing hops to. Their lager kits are 1.5kg, but their pilsner and darker kits are 1.7kg. I have tired Brew Canada Blonde, Draught, and Red. I liked the Draught and Red quite a bit, but not the Blonde. It is flavoured (yes, they have leaf hops in the extract) with a combo of Northern Brewer and Hallertau hops; I have decided I don't like Northern Brewer. I haven't tried any Morgan's kits as yet.

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by Vman »

I second Festa Brew and BrewHouse (RJ SPAGNOLS). That's what I started with, they make great beers. Now I'm on to crafting my own recipes with extracts. I found you can't get the styles you want with those kits. But, they are a great place to start.

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by k3v1np »

I've used a couple different brands of the the thick canned extract and they have never worked out real well. I have mostly used the Brew House brands and have had pretty good results. However, the last 2 batches that I did I used bottled water from Safeway, instead of the tap water that goes through the filter on my fridge. I have to say what a difference. Using tap water is certainly going to be different from municipal to municipal water supply. I'm curious though do most people use bottle water or tap water?

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by kombat »

When I first started with all-grain brewing, I used bottled spring water. Recently, however, I've switched over to using city tap water (Ottawa), treated with Campden tablets, and so far the results are promising.

Of course, I still use a 50/50 mix of distilled water and tap water when doing Pilsener lagers. But for everything else, I'm using tap water (actually HOT tap water, to save time and propane when heating strike/sparge water).

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by oro »

I have used Festa Brew, coopers, muntons, Edme, Brew Canada, Firkens and a few others through the years, Festa brew is good, I also like some of the Brew Canada, none I was really disappointed with using DME/dextrose combo

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by ModlrMike »

I've used Coopers and Morgans. I like Coopers best due to the variety. You have more leeway to make different styles.

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by Wingeezer »

Another vote for Festa Brew wort kits made by Magnotta. Great when you want something really quick and simple - just transfer to a fermenter and pitch the yeast.

I have made several, with the most recent being their West Coast IPA which is now kegged and awaiting space in the kegerator.

They come in 23L kits (at a very fair price) so you need to fill a few bottles as well as a Cornie.

I just sampled a bottle yesterday. Great taste, great colour and clarity. Will make it again for sure. Unfortunately it seems they don;t offer the West Coast IPA year round.

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Re: Best brand of homebrew kit?

Post by pubspearliespints »

Hey Wing, have you tried the Pilsner? I'm looking for a decent summer glugger and my all grain pilsners are too precious with all the fuss and lagering that they entail. What's your take?

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