Hoppy ipa

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Re: Hoppy ipa

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Warthaug wrote:Dryhopping will add some flavour & lots of aroma. You won't get the bitterness though.

I think brewhouse makes an IPA kit - that's probably your best bet (you could still dry-hop it)

I would say that dry hopping would be mandatory. That might get you close.

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Re: Hoppy ipa

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Just curious , when you boiled your extract , did you use a thermometer ? I remember the first couple of batches i made when i started ... didn,t use a thermometer .. didn,t come out the greatest .
Once i started using a thermometer and kept the temperature in check it improved a lot . biggest issue is the stove . the burner is small and consentrates the heat in a very small area ... especially if the pot you use is thin ... ends up scortching your wort and gives you some off flavours .
fermenter : high gravity fermented Vienna Lager , re-fermenting with abbey ale yeast . kinda experiment .

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