morgans vs. coopers wheat?

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morgans vs. coopers wheat?

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I was planning on getting a homebrewgearcanada wheat beer extract kit, but they seem to have no kits in stock at the moment, so I thought I would give either the morgans or coopers kit a try. I want to make a fruit wheat, with likely peaches once they are in season, or maybe raspberries since they are in season now. Which of the 2 would be better for this application?

Secondly, I don't want to add brew enhancer or other sugar garbage to the beer, would adding an appropriate amount of light DME be ok? or would adding barley malt to a wheat beer we a bad idea?

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Re: morgans vs. coopers wheat?

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I like the coopers kits, the website has the guy who designs the products on the forum (PB2) and they have good recipes for their kits

6 Gallon Hefeweizen recipe from ... hefeweizen
1.7kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer kit
1kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Malt (liquid)
11.5g WB-06 or Munich yeast

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