Is it possible to brew a great Imperial Stout using extract?

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Re: Is it possible to brew a great Imperial Stout using extr

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ECH wrote:OBK makes an Imperial Stout, supposed to come out to 8.5%, you might be able to bump that up with some addition. ... -stout.htm
Nice, thanks. Only chocolate and roasted malts for an imperial stout? That always seemed like one of the 2 major building blocks but the recipes I've always seen called for some crystal. This looks like a very doable recipe. I'm going to boil with less volume, probably cut this batch in half to make a 2.5G batch.

Any suggestions as to which grains to add? I like big roasted, chocolate, coffee flavors if that helps. I was thinking of throwing in some of the crystal 60 I have left along with maybe some Bavarian wheat LME. I have a bit left. I also have some midnight wheat.

Does the DME I use matter? I could get golden extra light or a darker kind. Any substantial taste difference?

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