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Help with kit

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Happy holidays all, my last trip to the city I picked up a mutton blonde lme kit and 1 lb of dme and 1 lb of corn sugar. From all the recipes I've seen I should have purchased more DME the LME is 3.3 lbs, could somebody tell me how much liquid I would need, I'm presuming not 5 gal but I don't know, I don't want to have a really light beer, prefer 5%, thanks all

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Re: Help with kit

Post by SmokeyMcB »

I think the muntons kits make 23L of beer. There are several ways to brew these kits, the "kit and kilo" is how the instructions call out. That's one can of muntons and a kg of some type of sugar. I would probably make it to the instructions if I were you, just for experience.

Also, the muntons is HME, not LME. Meaning the HME already has had the hops added to it before reduction. Therefore, you don't wanna reconstitute and then boil, it will alter any hops flavour that might be in the can. Probably making the brew more bitter than it should be.

Search "craigtube" on youtube, he has lots of videos on kits like these. (Mostly coopers but they are very similar)

Good luck bro...
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