First Brew. no fermentation action??

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First Brew. no fermentation action??

Post by Scott »

Hey Folks, i did my first HME last Wednesday, have been monitoring it closely. i waited for temp to stabilize at 70 F before putting in my yeast packet, its been there for 5 days now and i dont see any action happening. Was my yeast maybe dead?

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Re: First Brew. no fermentation action??

Post by OntarioBeerkegs »

Air lock and visual cues are not a sign of fermentation. It could be half way done or almost complete without a visual cue with certain strains. Or it could be a slow starting strain that takes 3-4 days to get moving. Always use a device to measure your starting gravity like a hydrometer or refractometer and check back a few days later to measure for a variance between the SG (starting) and current gravity.

Most yeast will also have a temperature range to pitch marked on it. For some styles 70 will be too high.

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Re: First Brew. no fermentation action??

Post by ECH »

Without "waking up" your yeast, you could have a few days of lag before it gets going.

25C water and your packet of yeast in a glass, or measuring cup to re hydrate your yeast will go a long way in cutting down your lag time, but yes, you have to measure your gravity readings to make sure it isn't finished already.

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Re: First Brew. no fermentation action??

Post by XXXXX »

In my experience, "usually" one would see some signs of fermentation by now, but as OBK said, sometimes there are no signs at all.

Do you have a hydrometer, and if so did you record your initial gravity?
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Re: First Brew. no fermentation action??

Post by jamatron »

Week before last was my third time making my chocolate stout. The first two times although there was lots of bubbling going on, there was absolutely no krousen at all. This time i had the fermenter in the furnace room to make room for poker night and when i checked the next day there was 3" of krousen in my 15gal fermenter. The sticky thermometer on it said 72° and normally my downstairs is 68°.
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