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pumpkin beer fail

Posted: |26 Dec 2016|, 21:06
by Diceman
I attempted a pumpkin beer in the beginning of October using some Briess Pale Ale liquid malt extract 2 cans of ED Smith pure pumpkin .. bla ble bla .
Anyways .. it was a failure . somewhere along the line it got infected . At first I thought it might have been a yeast raft or something that popped up from the bottom .
The best way to describe it was tiny white floating things almost Styrofoam looking , about the size of short grain rice but with the shape of a Pringles chip .
I re-racked into a 3 gallon being careful not to get ay liquid or settlement from either the top or bottom of the 5 gallon carboy .
all was looking good until 2 weeks ago when another Pringle chip surfaced . Out of curiosity I left it to see what would happen .
It has grown to about the size of the ends of 2 pencils , has gotten blue mould , and there is a dusty looking white film covering the top of the beer .... looks like a flusher to me .

For what it was worth trouble wise with the mess the pumpkin made in the kettle , primary , and secondary , I think I will just buy a pumpkin beer from the liquor store next time ... let someone else deal with the mess .

Not saying don't try making pumpkin beer .. just be prepared for so extra clean up .

Re: pumpkin beer fail

Posted: |27 Dec 2016|, 21:51
by CRZ
I wouldn't throw it out just yet. Rack it again leaving the top around 2 inches, don't want any of the infection to follow. I usually get this when I filter my wine or cider and leave it in a carboy for another month before bottling.
3 months for your batch, it sounds like you're making that beer where people try to get their beer infected I don't know what it is called. Lol
After you rack it taste it for any hints of mold. If you don't taste any then keg or bottle it. Once the keg or bottles get some co2 it will stop or slow the growth tremendously. You will have to drink this beer faster but should last the summer at least.

Re: pumpkin beer fail

Posted: |31 Dec 2016|, 17:41
by Frank88
How long did you boil the wort with the pumpkin stuff added?

Re: pumpkin beer fail

Posted: |02 Jan 2017|, 16:26
by Diceman
I did somewhat of a mash step with the pumpkin . In a pot by itself I brought the pumpkin up to 150 for an hour in about a gallon of water.
Then I added it to my boil kettle with my extract wort and full roll boiled for an hour .
This was a 5 gallon batch . I had close to 2 inches of trub in the primary when I racked ( most of that was pumpkin pure" ) , then another 3/4 of an inch settled out in the secondary .