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natural flavour extracts

Posted: |28 Aug 2018|, 16:16
by Microbrewology
Does anyone have much experience with using natural flavour extracts? I've been working on getting a nice mango beer. Tried first just with cut fruit, but the flavour didn't come through. Have another on the go with a mix of mango juice and cut fruit, but I just saw an advert for flavour extracts like this ... r-extracts

Was curious if anyone had found a high degree of success with them, and if so what were you using and how much per litre of beer?


Re: natural flavour extracts

Posted: |29 Aug 2018|, 06:46
by Reignman
I have never used flavour extracts. If these don't work for you, what about hops that have a mango flavour? I think there are hops from New Zealand that extract a mango taste.

Re: natural flavour extracts

Posted: |12 Sep 2018|, 19:40
by Microbrewology
Hmmm that would be an interesting avenue to explore. I wonder which one(s) that would be. I did use azacca hops, which are supposed to have mango notes, but I don't think they are from NZ. Also used Citra and Mosaic.

Re: natural flavour extracts

Posted: |13 Sep 2018|, 14:16
by Warthaug
I've had good success with the ones sold by canuck/OBK; their apricot extract was amazing - nice apricot flavour, not at all artificial. The amount in a bottle was spot-on for an apricot-forward kettle sour. I'd suggest trying those for your mango beer.


Re: natural flavour extracts

Posted: |25 Feb 2019|, 17:33
by Max
I am about to try one of the 'Brewers Best' Adjuncts using a Chocolate for a Dark brew. Festa Dark Ale.
Looking forward to see if there is a difference.