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Mixing DME

Posted: |14 Feb 2012|, 14:31
by cameronlaird
Is there a trick to making sure your DME goes in nice and smooth and doesn't clump? I'm not sure its the cause but my wheat beer looks a bit dark and I think it might be because there were so many clumps for so long when I was boiling.

Re: Mixing DME

Posted: |14 Feb 2012|, 15:18
When I use DME for making yeast starters I use a whisk and slowly add it mixing vigoursly.
I have never done a full extract batch I imagine its alot more extract!



Re: Mixing DME

Posted: |15 Feb 2012|, 08:14
by jeffsmith
When I was extract brewing, I put my DME into a large bowl so that I could pour slowly and keep stirring the entire time I was pouring it in. I found that as long as I kept up the constant stirring I never ran into many issues other than the steam making the DME stick to the edges of the bowl.